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Frequently Asked Questions


EACYPAA stands for the Eastern Area Convention of Young People of Alcoholics Anonymous (EACYPAA).


It's an annual conference, and it's always held somewhere on the East Coast (from Canada to Florida, between the Mississippi and the Atlantic). 


Basically, thousands of young people gather in a hotel for a weekend. There are meetings and A.A. workshops, but there are also tons of cools events.


Previous EACYPAAs have included things like: karaoke night, drag & variety show. dub trap room, all-night pool parties, sober olympics, and more.

What is a bid committee?

Each year, different cities "bid" for EACYPAA. A bid is a package that explains why the convention should come to our city. The bid package also includes information that proves we're legit (everything from hotel/accommodations quotes to committee bylaws)


How can I get involved?

Anyone is welcome at our business meetings.

Final Business Meetings:

February 10th, 11am
Bally's Casino, 1900 Boardwalk, Atlantic City

February 24th & March 2nd, 10am

Belmar Community Center

501 7th Avenue, Belmar

You can also show your support by attending a young people's meeting or coming to one of our events, too! Check out our events page for upcoming shindigs.

Am I too old?

No one is too young or too old for sobriety. While many of us are under the age of 35 (or got sober before the age of 35), we welcome support from anyone and everyone!


As the third tradition states, "the only requirement for membership is the desire to stay sober".

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